Past Experience

Wandoo Field

The Wandoo field facilities are owned and operated by Vermilion Oil & Gas Australia (VOGA). The Wandoo field is located in the Indian Ocean,Wandoo Field approximately 75 kilometres North-West of the township Karratha, in Western Australia in Permit WA-202-P.

The Wandoo facilities consist of a concrete gravity structure (CGS) platform Wandoo B (WNB), and an unmanned satellite monopod wellhead platform Wandoo A (WNA) with subsea flowlines between the structures. The processed oil is exported via two 1250 metre pipelines to an export tanker moored to a Catenary Anchored Leg Mooring (CALM) buoy. The CALM Buoy is approximately 1250m North West of the primary production facility Wandoo B (WNB), and is situated in 52m of water depth

BPM Offshore were contracted for the inspection of the CALM BOUY and floating hose assembly in 2013.

Wheatstone Field

A 1242 metre long, 2.5 m diameter micro tunnel was completed in lieu of a shore crossing for the Wheatstone project using a tunnel boring machine (TBM)Wheatstone Field weighing 90 tonne.

A Primary Installation Vessel and a Dive Support Vessel was mobilised to the tunnel exit pit location to recover the tunnel boring Machine.

The TBM was first exposed by means of a submersible dredge pump deployed from the PIV crane.

After exposure, using a combination of air lift bags and mono buoyancy units attached to a bespoke lifting frame, the TBM was lifted and towed into Beadon Creek where it was lifted out of the water by crane.

Sand Fire Underground Mine

The DeGrussa Copper-Gold Mine, located 900km north-east of Perth in Western Australia, is one of the Asia-Pacific region’s premier, high-grade copper mines. Sand Fire Underground Mine

The underground mine plan comprises over 38km of lateral development, allowing for the simultaneous extraction of ore from multiple faces, on multiple lenses.

Increased water flows from underground drill holes at the Conductor 4/5 decline forced the shutdown. BPM Offshore was contracted to dive in the flooded underground mine shaft to plug the flow.